Friday, December 3, 2010

What Hurts The Most

I LOVE Cascada's version of what hurts the most.
Anywaysss... My day started off pretty bad. I went outside and realized I didn't have in contacts, so I had to run inside and put them in. Then I saw the bus coming up the hill and I was not near my stop at all; I had to friggin run halfway down the hill to get there before it left me. Once I arrived at school my friend was pissedoff at the world so I stayed away from her for awhile. Whenever school started the day began to turn around though. I didn't have to take the sscheduled test in 1st period. In 2nd period we had a conversation about weed. Didnt start the lesson in third period until 25 minutes after class started. Lunch was boring... My fourth period was okay. We had a short lesson then started our homewrok, that I did not understand. 3'oclock FINALLY came. On the way to my bus I saw one of my friends that moved 3 hours away so that was a good surprise. While waiting for my bus I saw my ex, who wasn't too cute when I was dating him. Well boy done got reall cute and tall. Kinda regretting breaking up with him but life is also to short regret things so maybe I'll just act on my feelings instead of never doing anything and nothing ever changing... Maybe I will text him...
That was my uneventful day

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